Vintage Style Gramophone Record Player

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Reignite a love of your favourite wartime tunes with this acoustic gramophone. The brass horn will sing out your favourite vintage 78s with a grandeur that time left behind. 


This carefully handcrafted reproduction is sure to please any nostalgic music lover. The mechanical music player is operated by a hand crank as they should be, so you'll get to experience the satisfaction of creating your own tune. 


Because this reproduction is so closely based on the real deal, you're completely in the drivers seat for volume control. Did you ever wonder where the phrase 'put a sock in it' came from? You're about to find out...


A great talking point for any antique enthusiast, this piece is sure to impress even if it never gets turned on! But I'm sure you won't be able to resist taking it for a spin.  


It's a unique addition to any music memorabilia collection and a glorious part of music history. This working replica makes a thoughtful gift for a nostalgic grandparent that's sure to warm their hearts. 



  • Crank the handle to play your favourite old tunes
  • Bring a forgotten era into your home
  • A majestic handmade reproduction
  • Sure to win favour with the golden oldies


  • Materials: Brass, Wood
  • Contents: Gramophone, Horn (Megaphone)
  • Measurements: 37 x 37 x 67 cms
  • Megaphone diameter: 40 cms
  • Not all records are suitable for use with a gramophone

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