Replica Antique Brass Divers Helmet

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Modelled on a 1921 Anchor Engineering helmet, this authentic replica is sure to blow your guests out of the water. 


The vintage styled green magnifying glass window will give you a real look into the lengths mankind will go to see new realms. Try to remember what it would be like to see a part of the world thought impossible for humans, in a world where there is now so little left undiscovered. Relive the excitement of exploring the unexplored and awaken your sense of adventure!


Every last detail has been taken into consideration, with a replica nameplate, life-size scale and antique finishes to give it a feeling of true authenticity. Try the mammoth helmet on to feel the weight of the sea on your shoulders (trust me, it ain't light!) or just step back and admire the artisan reproduction.


This handcrafted brass helmet is an exciting addition to your nautical or vintage decor collection that will be hard to forget... And harder to miss at  a mighty 42 cms tall!


Surprise someone with what might be the greatest gift they've ever received. A great way to secure 'favourite child' status with dad, or treat yourself to an outstanding piece of historical handiwork. 


  •  Full size replica
  • A unique piece of decor sure to spark a conversation
  • Complete with moving parts to fully immerse yourself in history
  • Antique brass finish with classic green magnifying glass
  • Blow dad's socks off with this memorable gift


  • Measurements: 36 x 45 x 42 cms
  • Materials: Brass, magnifying glass
  • Colour: Antique brass with green tinted glass
  • Moving parts
  • Replica of an Anchor Engineering helmet, circa 1921

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