Nautical Royal Marine Sextant

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Bring some history into your home with this antique style nautical sextant.


Navigation has changed a lot over the years. The maps on your phone might be convenient, but they sure do take some of the fun out of it. 


Reignite your sense of adventure with this fully functionalreplica sextant! Put yourself back in the drivers seat and measure your location by the sun, the stars and the moon just like the good old days. Use the radial arm to line up the mirrors, and the skies will align with the horizon to give you your latitude. 


Or give it pride of place in the office or home to show people what adventure meant before the internet took care of it for you. Perfect for fans of ships, antiques or simply those with an appreciation of times gone by. 


The decadent felt-lined wooden case with its brass nameplate will make a noteworthy addition to your decor, while also keeping the sextant protected. This delightful vintage style piece also comes with two additional screw-in telescope attachments. 




  •  Fully functional for all your adventures
  • Additional telescopes with different lenses
  • A great, authentic looking conversation piece
  • Hearty wooden case with vintage style insert and brass details
  • Decorative and useful


  • Material: Brass/alloy, wood
  • Colour: Antique brass
  • Measurements (case): 15 x 14 x 8.5 cms
  • Allow for a margin of error when using this instrument
  • Included: Brass sextant, felt-lined wooden case with brass details, 2 additional telescopes

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